• The Richardson Lab was well-represented at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Of particular note were the poster presentations by 2011 REUs Bridget Darby (undergrad at BU) and Libby Felts (undergrad at Harvard).
  • Andrew and collaborator Dave Moore (University of Arizona) were grateful for this photo opportunity with Union President Mike McPhaden.


  • Andrew was coauthor on Xuhui Lee's paper which appeared in Nature: "Observed increase in local cooling effect of deforestation at higher latitudes" (Nature 479: 384-387)

  • The lab traveled to Durham, NH, for tower climbing safety training with Bob Evans of the USDA Forest Service. Pictured (L to R) are Andrew, Steve, Michael, Trevor and Bob.
  • Andrew and Steve Wofsy together discussed forests and the carbon cycle in a public lecture at the Museum of Natural History. Check out the media coverage here: Harvard Gazette


  • Koen's webcam/MODIS paper "Linking near-surface and satellite remote sensing measurements of deciduous broadleaf forest phenology" was accepted for publication in Remote Sensing of Environment
  • We said farewell to our visitor, Shutao Chen, who returned to China
  • Andrew and Koen attended the PhenoAlp meeting in Torgnon, Italy. Andrew presented a lecture on the PhenoCam project, and Koen gave a talk on his work the peculiar New England weather in Spring 2010, and the impact of an extremely warm spring, followed by a hard frost, on ecosystem carbon balance and community dynamics. The photo shows Koen, Edoardo Cremonese (meeting organizer), Mirco Migliavacca (former lab visitor), and Andrew, at Lago Bleu, with Monte Cervino (Italian name for the Matterhorn) in the background.


  • Andrew's NACP phenology paper, "Terrestrial biosphere models need better representation of vegetation phenology: Results from the North American Carbon Program Site Synthesis," was accepted for publication in Global Change Biology
  • Andrew and Trevor attended the Carbo-Extreme meeting in Montpellier, France. Andrew serves on the advisory board of the project, and Trevor is participating in the project's multi-site model-data fusion experiment. The meeting was hosted by Serge Rambal and Richard Joffre and included a field trip to the Puéchabon forest, as well as some fine food and drink, and nice opportunities to catch up with old friends.
  • Oliver's "CamCom" paper, "Digital repeat photography for phenological research in forest ecosystems," was accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Coauthors include Cory Teshera-Sterne and Adam Young, both participants in the Harvard Forest 2010 REU program
  • Andrew, Mariah and Eeegon wrapped up field sampling for the Milton Fund TNC project, measuring stem respiration and collecting stem-respired CO2 for 14C analysis, as well as tree cores for ring counts and TNC analyses, from red maple trees at Bartlett and Harvard
  • Hurricane Irene came through our field sites: we received more than 140 mm of rain in 24 h at Bartlett, and winds in excess of 190 km/h were recorded nearby on Mt. Washington, but our damage appears to have been limited to a blown wifi access point


  • We said farewell to Oliver, who is starting a faculty position at the Université de Montréal
  • Steve Klosterman joined the lab as a "G1" PhD student - Welcome, Steve!
  • Andrew held a kick-off meeting for the NSF Macrosystems PhenoCam project in Cambridge. In addition to our collaborators from BU and UNH, we had Robert Pless join us from Washington University, St. Louis, and new postdoc (starting November 2011) Michael Toomey joined from UCSB. Shown left to right are Steve Frolking (UNH), Andrew, Mark Friedl (BU), Robert, Michael, Oliver, Tom Milliman (UNH), Steve, and Koen
  • Andrew visited the National Ecological Observatory Network head offices in Boulder and gave a seminar on the PhenoCam project


  • Following on from discussions at the FLUXNET meeting, Andrew made plans with Nicholas Coops (UBC), Thomas Hilker (NASA), and Lee Vierling (U Idaho) for a field experiment to compare the dynamics of autumn changes in canopy structure and function as observed by a wide variety of radiometric and imaging sensors. The group assembled at the Harvard Forest in late July for the installation and project kick-off. Shown from L to R: Chris Bater (UBC), Nicholas, Thomas, Koen, Andrew, Oliver, and Lee. Oliver is preparing a full report for a future issue of FLUXLETTER.






  • Andrew's proposal to NOAA's Climate Program Office, "Improving process-level understanding of the factors underlying long-term trends and year-to-year variability in carbon sequestration of Northeastern forests", was selected for funding. Co-PIs are Bill Munger, Gil Bohrer, Danilo Dragoni and Dave Hollinger.
  • Andrew was co-PI on Dave Hollinger's proposal, "Supporting carbon cycle and earth systems modeling with measurements and analysis from the Howland AmeriFlux site", which has been selected for funding through DOE's Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Research program.
  • Trevor, Oliver, Youngryel and Andrew all attended the FLUXNET-SpecNET joint meeting in Berkeley CA and presented their work to the community.
  • Andrew and Trevor had a field trip to the White Mountains to collect cookies for the Milton Fund project. The lab's brand-new Stihl chainsaw came in handy!
  • Trevor's paper: The Model-Data fusion pitfall: Assuming certainty in an uncertain world. (Keenan, T.F., M.S. Carbone, M. Reichstein, A.D. Richardson) was accepted for publication in Oecologia.


  • We bid farewell and best wishes to Youngryel and Cory as they move on to the next stages in their lives and careers. Youngryel returns to South Korea while Cory is going home to Seattle.
  • Trevor, Andrew and Mariah began collecting samples for the Milton Fund project on nonstructural carbohydrates in red maple trees. Mariah is shown collecting stump sprouts from a recently-harvested stand in the White Mountains National Forest over Memorial Day weekend. The bugs were out!
  • Andrew's recent proposal to NSF's Macrosystems Biology program, "Continental-Scale Monitoring, Modeling and Forecasting of Phenological Responses to Climate Change", was approved for funding. Co-PIs are Mark Friedl (Boston University), Steve Frolking (University of New Hampshire), and Robert Pless (Washington University, St Louis). The project (abstract here; http://nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=1065029) will run for five years.
  • Five new Richardson Lab interns in the Harvard Forest Summer Program in Ecology (supported by grants from NSF and NASA) began work in Petersham at the end of May: Libby Felts (Harvard College), Lakeitha Mitchell (Lincoln University), Bridget Darby (Boston University), Rachel Norman (UNC Chapel Hill), and Isaac Levine (Lafayette College) will be working closely with Trevor, Oliver and Koen this summer on projects related to phenology and climate change in New England.
  • Dave Moore (NEON/King's College London) visited the lab in mid-May to work on projects with Andrew and Oliver, and to participate in the Summer 2011 REU internship program at Harvard Forest. Dave gave a lecture on model-data fusion to the summer interns, and will be working with Oliver, Koen, and the interns on phenological modeling. As shown in the photograph, a highlight of Dave's visit to Cambridge was the opportunity to rub John Harvard's left toe (for good luck).
  • Andrew and Mariah visited collaborators Jasper Vrugt (model-data fusion) and Claudia Czimczik (radiocarbon analyses of nonstructural carbohydrates) at UC-Irvine
  • Megan Bartlett's paper on the work she conducted in the Harvard Forest REU Program (Summer 2009) was accepted for publication in the journal Botany. Megan is now a PhD student in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA.

    Bartlett, M.K., S.V. Ollinger, D.Y. Hollinger, H.F. Wicklein, and A.D. Richardson. 2011. Canopy-scale relationships between foliar nitrogen and albedo are not observed in leaf reflectance and transmittance within temperate deciduous tree species. Botany, in press.
  • Andrew's paper on the uncertainties associated with leaf area index measurements was accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology:

    Richardson, A.D., D.B. Dail, and D.Y. Hollinger. 2011. Leaf area index uncertainty estimates for model-data fusion applications. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, in press.


  • Oliver visited Mats Nilsson and Matthias Peichl of the Biogeochemistry group at the Swedish University of Agriculture, Department of Forest Ecology and Management, and gave a research seminar on: "Phenological research using digital cameras: seasonal changes in canopy color and gap fraction"
  • Andrew and Trevor also took Motomu to visit the Bartlett Experimental Forest for a weekend. For Trevor, a highlight of this trip was the opportunity to try cross-country skiing for the first time.
  • Mariah co-authored a paper about the transport of C in Hawaiian soils that was accepted in JGR Biogeosciences
  • Mariah attended the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Silver Spring, MD.




  • Andrew gave visitors Motomu Toda (from Japan) and Steve Klosterman (who will be joining the lab as a Ph.D. student in September) a tour of the Harvard Forest (picture below).
  • Andrew accepted an invitation by students in Penn State's Graduate Degree Program in Ecology to speak about webcams, phenology, and climate change in their "Phenology: applications and ecological consequences" seminar series.
  • Andrew delivered a public lecture on phenology and climate change to the Concord (MA) Land Conservation Trust.
  • Mariah joined the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) to work on a synthesis of soil respiration in semiarid and arid ecosystems.
  • Oliver and his wife, Julie Talbot, were both offered faculty positions at the Université de Montréal. Congratulations, Oliver and Julie!
  • Trevor attended the INTERFACE meeting in Captiva Island, Florida MEETING WEBLINK





  • Mariah's paper about partitioning sources of soil respiration on Santa Cruz Island was accepted in Oecologia.
  • Oliver had a new paper accepted: Tracking the structural and functional development of a perennial pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium L.) infestation using a multi-year archive of webcam imagery and eddy covariance measurements. in press, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.


  • Youngryel was offered (and accepted!) a faculty position from Seoul National University!
  • Oliver and Trevor spent a week in New Orleans attending the NACP/AMERIFLUX annual conference.
  • Trevor presented his work at the NACP meeting (long-term trends in C-cycling at Harvard forest and uncertainties in ecological forecasting.) You can get the powerpoint here - PDF And a video here:   [video (209MB)]
  • Andrew, Mariah and Trevor attended the FLUXNET "Schinkenfest" workshop at the Max Planck Institute's Schloss Ringberg (near Tegernsee, Germany), hosted by Markus Reichstein.



Left to right: Nuno Carvalhais, Bert Gielen (kneeling), Myroslava Khomik, Markus Reichstein, Jian Wu, Trevor, Mariah, Andrew